Fitness Trainers

Angelica Patricia M. Cruz
Expertise: Basic Volleyball, Basic Badminton, Basic Resistance Exercises/Training, Basic Endurance Training
Affiliation: 9501 Fitness Services Inc., Meralco Corporate Wellness Center …

Rene L. Fuentes
Expertise: Martial Arts
Affiliation: Ascott Fitness Center

Reynaldo C. Casaje
Expertise: weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, bodybuilding

Jun Canlas
Expertise: Power lifting,Athlete Conditioning ,Weight Training …
Affiliation: Brickroad Fitness, Association of Fitness Professionals of the Philippines (member since 1998 to present)

Bryan P. Dumaguina
Expertise: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Strength and Conditioning, Judo, Swimming, Boardsports

Robin Darwin B. Tuliao
Expertise: Plyometrics, Sports conditioning, Weight loss.

Garimor A. Jamias
Expertise: Safe and Effective Weight Management, Exercises for People with Medical Condition …

Ramon M. Marchan “Mon”
Expertise: Weight and Fat Loss Coaching, Sports Nutrition Coaching, Rope Skills Training …

Ramon O. Jose
Expertise: Physical Education/Fitness, Swimming

Harry E. Pineda
Expertise: Functional Training / Fat Loss / Muscle gain / Movement Flexibility Training / TRX

Chat Abitria
Expertise: Sports Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Strength, Mobility/Flexibility and Conditioning, Rapid Fat Loss, Muscle Hypertrophy, Kettlebell, TRX
Affiliation: Balance Lifestyle Fitness Club, Philippine Physical Therapy Association