Team BODIVANCE definition: a vibrant community of athletes, sporting professionals, fitness experts and enthusiasts who can work together to make BODIVANCE a success.

One of our main thrusts is to help the sports and fitness community benefit from our involvement. With this in mind, we have created TEAM BODIVANCE, a community of sports professionals who, like us, are dedicated and passionate about what they do. TEAM BODIVANCE will be open to sports and fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, coaches and industry related professionals.

TEAM BODIVANCE members will have their profiles and expertise posted on our website based on location, discipline, experience, availability and so that members of the general public can easily search for and engage their services or read about them. Cross links to Facebook, blogs and Twitter accounts will also be provided. Forums as an avenue for sports related topics will also be hosted. These members will be part of any BODIVANCE activity or event we host or are part of to help drum up more interest and support in the sports and fitness industry.

We will also be gathering information on sporting events nationwide to place on our website and providing a directory listing of all the sports-related companies, clinics, communities and enthusiasts groups that are present and active. There will always be something new on