Z Villarin
Triathlete and Fitness Instructor

I started joining a Triathlon out of curiosity. When I got ready for my 1st marathon my training buddies were Triathletes. I am always in awe at how they can still manage to swim and to bike after doing our long runs. After gathering enough courage to join an official Triathlon race, I signed up for the 5th Leg of SPEEDO National Age Group Triathlon. My nervousness and lack of time would always get the best of me during my training period. I was so worried that I would not be able to finish my first Triathlon race. Until I stumbled upon this new product called BODIVANCE. For me, it’s like a Triathlete’s best friend. BODIVANCE is an all natural workout cream that works as a thermogenic accelerator and vasolidator. It helped hasten my warm up period giving me more time to focus on the actual workout. It also helped lessen my downtime from suffering sports injuries like cramps since BODIVANCE also helps increase blood circulation.

Being a Podium Finisher on my first Major Triathlon race came as a surprise for me. I was an underdog considering that I am using a mountain bike as opposed to the expensive Triathlon bikes of the Pro-Triathletes that I am competing against. The deciding factor for any Triathlon event is the run part. Since my legs were still feeling strong (I didn’t have cramps which I would normally experience during training period where I would usually forget to apply BODIVANCE) I really pushed it hard and passed 6 more females competing in my category.Thanks to BODIVANCE, I won my first medal on my first Tri!

TG Guillermo
22 years old, Makati City

At present, I play for Mapua Cardinals, the basketball team of Mapua Institute of Technology for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). I’ve been playing basketball since I was 10 years old, and I’ve been a member of the school varsity team since grade school.I go to the gym an hour three times a week and undergo basketball training three to four hours six times a week. Despite being used to strenuous physical activities since childhood, I still experience cramps, especially during games when I did not have enough time for warm up.

BODIVANCE was introduced to me just recently, around the last five games of Season 86. I understand that it’s a thermo cream that improves your muscle for faster warmup; when you have faster warmup, you don’t feel sluggish even if you have just started your training or any sports activity.

For this reason, I tried BODIVANCE. Since I started using the product, I didn’t experience cramps anymore. Whenever I use it, I don’t feel like I lack warm up or what players say “malamig pa.” When you use BODIVANCE, you’ll feel like you’ve been in the court longer, like you’ve already had longer warmup. My performance became better since I’ve started using BODIVANCE. I have higher averages, point average stat. I really recommend BODIVANCE. I’ve already recommended the product to my teammates and they liked the product. I recommended it to them because I myself witnessed and experienced positive results.

Alfa January Cabacang
22 years old, San Juan City

Since 2005, I’ve been playing frisbee, football, volleyball, and I used to play tennis, too. My position in sports, like in football, is the midfield. I engage mainly in running in endurance-type sports. Besides sports, I’m also a gym instructor, researcher, and lecturer for sports science. My profession requires that I stay fit, so I also do my gym program three to four hours a day, three times a week. My program involves warm up stretching, weight-lifting, abdominals, and cardio workout.

However, undergoing extensive physical activities has exposed me to risk of injuries such as muscle cramps. Merely fifteen minutes in the stationary bike and I’m already having cramps. And even at three in the morning, I’d wake up just to stretch my calves because I’m having cramps. For many years I endured this.

Just this September, however, we were invited to the Sports Science Initiatives (SSI) seminar where they had a presentation and product sampling. I was told that BODIVANCE is a thermo regulator cream that lets you cool down faster by perspiring more. This prevents cramps so you can work out longer. I became curious of the thermo scanner, and if the product would really work. In the videos, it was really amazing.

During the sampling, it was my first time to use BODIVANCE. I asked for some sample and I applied it on my right forearm. I indulged the BODIVANCE staff and performed just minutes of exercise. I lifted dumbbells to work out my brachialis (forearm muscles) and not my biceps. My arm with BODIVANCE perspired more. After that, we had our lunch. I was surprised because my friend who was seated beside me noticed that my other arm was trembling. But my arm with BODIVANCE seems okay, there was no pain. I lifted the same weight for both arms but my arm with BODIVANCE didn’t hurt at all, unlike my other arm that’s really trembling.

That made me believe in BODIVANCE. I’m going to use it on Sunday for the Run for Pasig marathon. It’s a 10km run so I really need BODIVANCE. Also, I’m going to recommend it to my high school and college friends who are also running and sports enthusiasts. I’ll recommend it to my network. I hope it would be able to help more people like me who usually experience cramps. And since I took up Sports Science and currently taking up my master’s in UP, I will advise other Sports Science people to use BODIVANCE, and for them to advise their clients as well. I’ll advise other athletes like me to use BODIVANCE so they can avoid cramps and better workout.

Nicky Tuason

I’m Nicky Tuason and I’m 33 years old. I’ve been into sports since I was in high school. Although I’ve tried almost every sport imaginable from basketball to soccer to boxing and mixed martial arts, I never really focused on a particular one. When I started working, I started leading a less active lifestyle that was basically composed of late night gimmicks, a few boxing sessions and some weight training here and there. It was not until February of 2009 when I joined my first 5k “fun run” with a couple of friends. After that we started joining weekly running events and as the ‘runs’ became more frequent and as the distances increased, I realized that I had to start training. I would train twice a week and as time passed, I became stronger yet also became prone to getting more and more injuries from the wear and tear of road racing. To date, I’ve ran in 4 full marathons (42-k), and numerous events in other categories/distances. Because of all this running, I developed “runner’s knee” and plantar fasciitis or more commonly known as “heel spurs”. I also suffered from severe cramps which I usually get after the 32nd or 34th kilometre mark during a full marathon. Just last September, at Summit Camsur Marathon, I experienced killer cramps that eventually led to minor tears in the muscles of my lower legs. The pain was really excruciating as I tried to finish the race by running and walking as best as I could which I eventually did.

Last November 2010, I was introduced to BODIVANCE Cream when I was given a free sample during an outdoor- advertising exhibit which I attended at SMX. I first used it when I did a 10k tempo run. I just applied it on my left leg so I could compare the effects and see the noticeable difference. During my run, I felt that the muscles on my left leg warmed up faster than my right. I also noticed that I was perspiring more on the leg where I applied the BODIVANCE cream on. Another thing that I noticed was that I didn’t experience the usual aches and stiffness in the areas where I had my old injuries. As I was stretching after my run, I could feel that the muscles in my left leg felt stronger. I tried BODIVANCE again a few days after when I did a 12k training run and applied it on both legs this time. I really felt the difference during and after the run. My leg muscles warmed up faster. I didn’t experience the usual aches I ran stronger and was also able to cool down faster.

I’ll be running my 5th full Marathon (42k) at the Condura Skyway Run this February and I’m very excited to use BODIVANCE and see how it will help me improve my performance. I am confident that it will prevent me from getting cramps that I usually experience in long runs. I’m sure that it will also help me run stronger and faster. I’ve already started recommending it to my friends and I’m excited to share it with more people. As an athlete and runner, I definitely recommend BODIVANCE to other runners and multi-sports enthusiasts so they can avoid cramps and other injuries, perform better and have a fun and exciting workout experience at the same time.

Saul Anthony Sibayan

For 7 years I’ve been into endurance sports — road cycling, running and duathlons. The exhilaration that I get out of it is beyond compare. I am Saul Anthony Sibayan, 23 years old and I am here to let you know how BODIVANCE helped my body performance in my chosen sports.

I used to work-out 2 or more hours to condition my body before I go into the abovementioned sports. And most of the time I experience cramps, sprains that would make it hard for me to continue my sports activities. I came across BODIVANCE Thermogenic Accelerator when they sponsored the 2010 Sports Science Initiatives Seminar Series. I tested the product and used it during my training even asked some of my athletes and friends to try the product as well. We were amazed to see the effects. It accelerated warm-up, improved circulation thereby helping me and my athletes delay and manage cramps, strains and improve flexibility. Also there was no delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) the next day. During the 2010 Tour of Matabungkay, a multi-day road race event, I used it and it helped me recover fast. I think it would also be beneficial for off-the bench players like in basketball and single-day tournaments like in taekwondo wherein they have many matches in one day.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts should consider BODIVANCE Thermogenic Accelerator as an aid for proper warm-up, movement preparation exercises, dynamic stretching. They should also have proper rehabilitation of their injury (if they have one) and a sound strength and conditioning program.