We are designed to perform. BODIVANCETM helps us DO MORE, BETTER.

BODIVANCE has been scientifically tested and proven. With the aid of a thermographic scanner, we can see exactly how BODIVANCE works.

In this series of thermograph scans, BODIVANCE is applied on the right back area of an individual male and he starts to jump rope.

Thermograph 1
Thermograph 1 shows an individual male after working out for 10 minutes. A visible difference can already be seen between the side that has BODIVANCE and the side that has not been applied with the product.

Thermograph 2
After 16 minutes, Thermograph 2 shows an even greater difference. The red and yellow areas represent increased heat and blood circulation in the body while the purple and black areas represent areas, which remain cold due to lack of adequate blood circulation. This is especially obvious in the torso area of the subject. This is how BODIVANCE can help target slow-to-respond areas.