Frequently Asked Questions

BODIVANCETM : Frequently Asked Questions

Can BODIVANCE be scientifically tested?
We demonstrate the effectiveness of BODIVANCE by using a thermographic scanner. This measures and records infrared heat patterns. By using this technology it is possible to analyze and detect areas of low body temperature (usually problem areas). We usually set up the test by having athletes work out for 10-15min with BODIVANCE applied to only one part of the body. During and after the exercise we measure the difference in the amount of perspiration and body temperature from side to side. We consistently achieve a significant increase in body temperature with the BODIVANCE side over the non-BODIVANCE side. The enhanced heat production indicates increased circulation in the applied areas. When there is an increase in circulation, substantial benefits can be more easily realized especially in problem areas.
Yes. BODIVANCE is made of natural ingredients and has been designed to be hypoallergenic. Furthermore, in 1984 exercise physiologist Dr. Robert A. Wiswell, Ph. D., Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physical Education of University of Southern California conducted a study that proved the safety and effectiveness of the product. In particular, he commended the product in producing notable improvements in blood circulation.
Who can use BODIVANCE?
BODIVANCE can be used by anyone regardless of age and sex. BODIVANCE can also be used by expecting mothers or those who have just given birth and are looking to get back in shape. However, we would advice expecting mothers to not use BODIVANCE on their stomachs during exercise.
How long does it take for BODIVANCE to work?
Under a thermogenic camera it is clearly seen that BODIVANCE immediately increases blood circulation within 8-10 minutes during normal body activity. It works faster during an intense workout or physical activity. This of course will vary from person to person.
Sometimes it may take 1 or 2 workouts before one can see the visual effects of BODIVANCE such as increased perspiration. This depends on the body/skin type, frequency of exercise and whether the person perspires easily or not.
How is applying BODIVANCE different from wearing thermal/compression clothing?
BODIVANCE works by creating a breathable barrier that insulates heat and increases blood circulation. Thermal clothing can only help in insulating heat. Once this insulation is removed, the body cools down rapidly. Compression garments on the other hand actually restrict blood flow during resting periods, resulting in less circulation. BODIVANCE is the only product available that can help you increase blood circulation and sustain the flow for longer periods of time even after exercise.
Will BODIVANCE help me lose fat around my tummy/hips/thighs?
Most definitely. During our thermographic sessions, we observed something very interesting: In our male subjects, the stomach was always black or purple-this signified lack of circulation. In our female subjects, it was the buttocks, hips and thighs that had this effect.We have noticed that during exercise, blood in fact flows from these areas to the rest of the body. These areas are the last to have good circulation and to start burning fat. BODIVANCE changes this completely. By applying BODIVANCE to these slow-to-respond areas, thermogenic action and circulation increases rapidly. This ensures fat is being burned and your workouts maximized.
Can I use BODIVANCE when I'm sleeping to increase my base metabolism and lose weight?
BODIVANCE requires some form of physical activity to activate the thermogenic effect. It will help you maintain vasodilation after you workout or have a massage. However, it will not help you to increase your base metabolism or cause you to perspire in your sleep if you did not exercise before you actually sleep.
Will BODIVANCE cause dehydration?
BODIVANCE speeds up warm-up time and perspiration. As in any sports activity, we recommend that you hydrate regularly.
Will I smell with BODIVANCE?
BODIVANCE has a clean, fresh scent which will take away the fear of smelling offensive during and after a heavy workout.
What packaging is BODIVANCE available in?
BODIVANCE is available in 80ml vacuum pump bottles and in 30 5ml sachet pouches.
How long can a bottle of BODIVANCE last?
An 80ml bottle will last approximately 1 to 1 ? months. The average is based on a person working out 3 to 4 times a week. Shelf life of BODIVANCE is a minimum of 5 years and should be used within 12 months from 1st opening.
Where can I buy BODIVANCE?
You can purchase BODIVANCE online via, from TEAM BODIVANCE members or through authorized BODIVANCE retailers. BODIVANCE is currently available in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia. If you are outside of these countries, please contact us and we will see how we can get the product to you.
How do I sell / distribute BODIVANCE?
Please contact us directly through our website at We will be happy to
discuss opportunities with you.
How can I join TEAM BODIVANCE and what are the advantages?
TEAM BODIVANCE is open to athletes, trainers, coaches and industry-related professionals. Purchase a bottle of BODIVANCE and send us your details so we can start on your application. TEAM BODIVANCE members will receive rebates off the products, enjoy certain privileges and will be involved in any BODIVANCE events.