Philippine Sports Commission

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) was created as the country’s top government sports body by virtue of Republic Act 6847 or ‘The Philippine Sports Commission Act’. Since its birth in 1990, it has grown into one of the country’s formidable institutions, ennobled by its salient mission of transforming the Filipino people into a healthy citizenry through various commendable sports development programs.

For already sixteen years of productive service, the Commission has remarkably lived through the best and worst of times. It has tasted the sweetest of triumphs and gone to the lowest pits of controversies and intrigues. But through it all, its spirit has never gone out. Its sincere devotion towards sports promotion in the country has indeed kept its existence more and more meaningful as the years go by.

Today, the agency’s fortitude keeps on burning with the untiring commitment and dedication of its leaders and employees, who unceasingly fuel the agency’s passion for excellence. Until the foreseeable future, PSC continues to be ever dynamic, resilient, and responsive to the needs of the citizenry.




logo-unigamesThe Philippine University Games or UNIGAMES is the only national collegiate sports competition organized by the UNIGAMES, Inc. in the country today. The first UNIGAMES meet was held in 1996 and took place in the University of St. La Salle – Bacolod City, the founding host. The goal is to gather the finest varsity athletes from private and government universities from all over the country in the spirit of fair play, friendship and top-caliber competition. Through the years, the UNIGAMES has provided a continuum of opportunities for our student-athletes in the various national teams representing the country in the Olympics, the Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games and other international sports competitions.

The UNIGAMES is composed of fourteen (14) sports disciplines with an average of 1,500 student-athlete participants. These disciplines are athletics, badminton, basketball, chess, football, lawn tennis, sepak takraw, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, volleyball and beach volleyball. Archery will be included as an exhibition sports starting this year in Dumaguete City.



Sports Science Initiatives

The Sports Science Initiatives is an organization that proactively educates and brings up to date fitness trainers and sports coaches on the latest studies and techniques related to sports science.

Ensuring the continued progress of sports science in the Philippines, BODIVANCE fully supports the Sports Science Initiatives in their 2010 Seminar Series.



Philippine Kettlebell Club

The Philippine Kettlebell Club (PKC), founded in 2009, is the first Kettlebell organization in the Philippines comprised of internationally certified kettlebell trainers who officially popularize and create noise about Kettlebell Training & Athletic Conditioning that generates enthusiasm from the country’s local fitness and athletic industry.

The Philippine Kettlebell Club as an organization aims to promote awareness of the benefits of working out and training with kettlebells through proper instruction and execution relevant to athleticism and general fitness. Our utmost advocacy is to educate everyone about the importance of eliminating muscle imbalances or weaknesses, and establishing functional/sport specific movement patterns. PKC also believes that each individual can tap into the wisdom of their body in order to maximize their potential. Our campaigns are mainly geared towards encouraging people, particularly those in the field of athletics to open their mindset to learning how the body moves and functions, as well as enhancing movements and performance through proper and dedicated training.




TriMac Sports Coaching was formed late 2009 with the vision of developing potential athletes and teaching casual multisport/endurance athletes the proper way of training that will maximize performance and prevent injury. The coaching staff of TriMac Sports Coaching are consist of three triathletes and friends that are passionate about the sports and are determined to develop talents within everybody that has the heart and determination to venture into endurance sports.