Sports seminar reveals the key to advanced body performance

Get ready for some amazing action in basketball as coaches and trainers have recently geared up to improve the game of their players at the Sports Science Initiatives (SSI) seminar last July. Themed “Training & Conditioning for Basketball”, the seminar gathered leading coaches and trainers from the field of basketball to discuss the most pressing issues that inhibit the performance of their athletes. It featured the industry experts who provided participants with the most up-to-date studies and techniques that would give athletes the winning edge in every game.

SSI President Nino Sinco says, “We are very fortunate and very proud to showcase such seasoned sports science professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to their peers in the basketball industry. The expertise of Eski Ripoll in designing training programs, Aspi Calagopi II in injury management, Raymond Pili in kinesiotaping, Prof. Herc Callanta in strength and conditioning, and Chester Tiongson of the Ateneo Blue Eagles has equipped our participants with only the best advice in sports science.”

One of the event”s presenters was BODIVANCE Sales Manager Alfred Manguiat who unveiled the latest technology that offers advanced body performance for any athlete. Through a video presentation, he introduced the science of BODIVANCE, an all natural formulation that accelerates thermogenic action in the body. Through a high-tech thermo scan, athletes in the videos showed enhanced blood circulation, ensuring oxygen and other nutrients to reach targeted areas more efficiently. The audience saw dramatic improvements on exercising muscles, activating them more efficiently all throughout the workout. Aside from the video, Manguiat offered the attendees their own first-hand experience at the BODIVANCE booth, where he entertained interested queries and performed the thermo scan test on the attendees who tried the product for themselves.

“Through this SSI seminar, we have taken this great opportunity to introduce BODIVANCE to an audience who understands what it takes to achieve a winning performance. Through BODIVANCE, they can train their athletes to achieve more and do better at their sport. BODIVANCE relieves coaches and athletes from the continuous worry of injury and the slow speed of recovery,” says Manguiat.

As the major sponsor of the 2010 SSI seminar series, BODIVANCE proves to coaches and trainers that they have a strong ally in ensuring their athletes their winning performance.