Road Map

The Future of BODIVANCETM: Where do we go from here?

BODIVANCE is for the sports and fitness community. We see huge potential in this industry and would like to have an active role in growing with it. As such, we have charted a potential roadmap for BODIVANCE, which includes the products, services, activities, and trainings that we plan to offer in the next five years.

The BODIVANCETM Roadmap: Going Beyond Fitness.

We will jumpstart BODIVANCE by offering the BODIVANCE Thermogenic Accelerator. This unique product works by promoting vasodilation and delivering all the benefits of increased blood circulation, such as spot reduction, increased endurance and efficiency of workout, and better injury prevention and recovery. We will also launch TEAM BODIVANCE, a community of athletes, sporting professionals, fitness experts and enthusiasts who can work together to make BODIVANCE a success.

We will introduce the BODIVANCE sports supplements line for maximum performance gains. We will also focus on nutrition awareness programs that will help our athletes eat healthier and better.

YEAR 3-4
We will be launching the BODIVANCE apparel and personal fitness equipment which will use advanced technology aimed at monitoring and enhancing individual fitness levels. We will also help promote training seminars that will increase the awareness of good practices in the sports and fitness industry.

We will establish the BODIVANCE sports research laboratory. Our holy grail, this will be a step towards levelling up the sports and fitness field. The BODIVANCE sports research laboratory shall feature cutting-edge technology and equipment to help athletes measure their training and performance. We want to introduce the best practices on sports strength and conditioning, new advancements in sports science and relevant events targeted on gearing up fitness and sports experts and enthusiasts for a whole new sports and fitness revolution.

We can only achieve this dream with your support.