Our Driving Passion

Our driving passion is to benefit the people in the sports and fitness industry in everything we do, which is why we are taking the initiative to make a difference by being different.

For many of us, sports and fitness is a recreation. We do it for enjoyment and pleasure. But for those who do it for a living, they are fuelled by the desire to be able to do what they love to do. The money they earn from it is not an objective – it is recognition of their hard work and abilities. Hence, the underlying philosophy of BODIVANCE is to promote the development of sports and fitness and, through it, be able to create opportunities for athletes and professionals to pursue their dreams in their respective fields. We want to help recognize our athletes and professionals for their hard work.

The BODIVANCE potential is not limited to what our thermogenic accelerator can do for you. The BODIVANCE five-year roadmap sees us expanding our product line with supplements, apparel and equipment. We want to create our own community of fitness experts and athletes with TEAM BODIVANCE. Our dream is to create a specialized sports laboratory that will allow individuals and teams to measure or benchmark their performances. The laboratory will also serve as venue for seminars, coaching and developing new training techniques that will further improve the abilities of fitness enthusiasts, experts and athletes.

With the sports and fitness industry behind us, we are very excited about how far we can take BODIVANCE.